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Hello fellow Freedom Fighters!

Just wanted to take a few moments to discuss issues as it regards verification and what it means at this point in time. As of the moment of writing this post, ALL site members are fully VERIFIED so to speak. This is being done in order to bolster membership numbers (we are at almost 100 in our first day!) and to grow the community as quickly as possible. Nobody likes being a member of a site without any other members and if this whole thing is going to work we are going to need as many new members as possible!

With that being said, there will come a time where only MMMP card holders will be given access automatically (upon review) but that is not to say that non MMMP members will not be able to gain access to the membership areas of the site. The only real change that will be noticeable after the open enrollment period ends is that site membership will not be automatic like it is currently. MMMP members will obviously be granted access once their card carrying status is verified (by me personally) and non Michigan residents will have to be vetted somewhat in order to gain access to the site features that everyone has access to right now.

So in short, if you have a login and password you are VERIFIED and consider yourself lucky since this is a benefit of being an early adopter!

Now you might be asking yourself, why even get rid of automatic membership at all? Why not just keep the site open to anybody who wants to join? The answer to that question is of course the lurking presence of law enforcement. As time goes on and as this site become more noticeable (especially with SEO optimization) we want to make sure that no disgusting pigs can just simply come in here and see what is going on. It will be important for me to protect site members and this can only be done with some kind of restrictions to entry.

But for now, EVERYONE is verified and even Michigan residents who have not sent me copies of their MMMP card are verified as well. Now if you want to acquire clones directly from me you will have to send me a copy of your card but if that is something that you are not looking to do then don't worry about it, you will not be left out in the cold.

So for now enjoy the site and feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns.


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